"40 is the new 60!"

"To age is a privilege."

"Beautiful old people are works of art." Eleanor Roosevelt

"You can't fake, buy, implant or paint on wisdom, personal style, and richness of character."

Diane Gilman, Fashion Designer

"Where there is age, there is evolution."

Angelica Huston

"Life exists beyond 50." Carmen Dell' Orefice

"I do not accept my age - I celebrate it! I wear my wrinkles, silver hair, and age spots as medals of honor."Cindy Joseph, 63 year old model

Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength. It’s a different stage of life, and if you are going to pretend its youth, you are going to miss it. You are going to miss the surprises, the possibilities, and the evolution that we are just beginning to know. Betty Friedan

Sunday, February 16, 2014



I.    A term that gay men used in the late 1990's and early 2000's to describe absolutely everything that was of "exceptional quality".  
II.  Being bold, displaying chutzpah, especially relating to fashion, clothes, hair or makeup.
III. A word that can describe something as outstanding, really cool, eye catching, brutal and satisfying.
IV. The combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions used collectively.

Yasmina Rossi... the look and the hair
Yasmina Rossi, Age late 50's
Photo: thebeautifulpeopleproject.com
Gorgeous & Timeless — Carmen Dell’Orefice
Carmen Dell' Orefice Age 82
Photo: style4style.tumblr.com
Raquel Welch stunned in leopard print at a pre-Emmy bash this weekend, proving that age is nothing but a number. Age 73
Raquel Welch 73
Photo: Pinterest
.Style, grace, beauty, and age.
Greta Wallace Fashion Designer
Photo: Pinterest

Pat Cleveland, 61
1960's Model Pat Cleveland Age 61
Photo: fashionover60.blogspot.com


Sade Adu - aging beautifully
Sade Age 55
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Classic Linda Fargo
Linda Fargo
Photo: Pinterest 


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